2019 Season Recap

What a tremendous season 2019 has been!
And luckily for Joachim Waagaard and his M4, the season in not over yet: TV-Shows, Oslo Motorshow and Essen Motorshow are some of the events planned for this Autumn along with other car related projects as well.

So before welcoming 2020 it’s time to bring you on a ride through 2019 to embrace what we have achieved so far.

Bollywood film

February started off with a successful Bollywood film shoot in Rovaniemi, Finland for the movie War where Joachim was stunt driver doubling for Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff.
With the trailer reaching over 92 million views on You Tube, the premiere on October 2nd was expected to be a success and it did not disappoint with the highest opening day for a Bollywood movie of all times according to Wikipedia.

Sachs Proven Performers

March came and to extend the winter even further, Joachim, Sachs and the BMW M4 went to Arvidsjaur by the Arctic Circle in Sweden to shoot the most anticipated campaign yet: Sachs Proven Performers – Arctic Drift Film.

Sachs / ZF teamed up with the award-winning UK based Law Creative to produce a one of a kind commercial where Joachim’s 850 hp BMW where put to the ultimate test north of the Arctic Circle.

Together they created a unique campaign where the Sachs Performance equipped driftcar (built for shredding tires in the summer seeing +30c◦) was set to drift in harsh snow and ice conditions with temperatures reaching  -25c◦.
The result can be seen by clicking this link.


When the spring finally arrived in Norway, the Gatebil season was officially in full swing with a total of 5 events across Scandinavia.

New for the season is our ex-Benetton F1 Renault Magnum truck. This is a big investment for the team and we already have a plan to rebuild it to its former glory together with some of our current partners. If everything goes to plan, the truck will travel many km across europe in 2020 being a well worthy investment.

On Board

With a record breaking 106 000 people in attendance over the course of the summer, the Gatebil festivals around Scandinavia have been a huge success with the main festival in July being the absolute highlight.

This year we were lucky to have Sachs Performance on board as a trade partner with Dyno-Tech during the event, showcasing the wide range of products from Sachs Performance and ZF Motorsport.

The madness

Even better: Sachs had brought up their own media crew to witness the madness at Gatebil. They got to witness the team spirit, hard work, what it means to be a professional drifter and everything in-between at first hand.
The result can be seen by clicking this link.


For the July festival we also had Daniel Hovdahl from O’snap to cover the Super 3 Team competition, where we after last year’s podium finish were eager for a revenge. After months of preparations this was the time to prove ourselves.
To see how it all unfolds, click this link.

Statens Vegvesen

When Statens Vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration) launched a new campaign towards road safety, Joachim was selected as the stunt driver for the occasion piloting a BMW X5 simulating a close call – almost head on collision.
A campaign that is frequent on television and in various social media. Currently the video has 540 000 veiws on Youtube.
Click here to see the campaign.

«Will it melt»

Arla Apetina hired Joachim for their new campaign “Will it melt”. Together with Norway’s biggest influencer and comedian Vegard Harm they tried to find new ways to melt cheese. For this shoot they tried to make a toast with what we probably can call the world’s most expensive toaster; Joachim’s BMW M4. This was the first time Vegard ever did experience drifting, but by his own words: not the last. The video has currently over 280 000 views on Facebook alone.
So did it melt?
Watch it yourself by clicking this link.

Netflix movie

To finish it all up, last autumn Joachim was working on new Netflix movie called 6 Underground. The movie which premieres in December is an action packed movie featuring Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco and Ben Hardy. The movie was at the time being filmed the most expensive Netflix movie of all time. Currently the You Tube trailer have passed 2,2 million views.
Click here to see the trailer in full.

Whats next?

So what’s next?

The season is not over yet. First up is Oslo Motor Show in the end of October, before Joachim and two other participants from Gatebil are up against some real doctors in the popular Norwegian TV show called “Hva feiler det deg”. The program is known as “Doctor VS Internet” where a panel of Doctors go against members of the public, armed with their laptops: they must diagnose real-life cases.

Then in the end of November / start of December Joachim is going to Essen Motor Show in Germany together with Sachs Performance / ZF Motorsport where Joachim’s BMW M4 will be on display. He will perform a live show in the Motorsport Arena doing drift shows throughout duration of the fair.

This is what Joachim had to say: «This has by far been one of the longest seasons in my career, but in a positive way. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but drifting on the frozen lakes in Arvidsjaur with the M4 is absolute up there, which by the way, no one actually believed we would ever dare to do. I have been drifting the Atlantic Ocean Road, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Red Bull DriftShifters in Liverpool and now north of the arctic circle on a frozen lake, and we have more in store for both this winter and next season. We are putting the plans on paper as we speak, and I’m excited to share the news with you very soon.»

While 2020 is approaching rapidly, 2019 is still not over quiet yet!

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