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Our Subsea insulation products and application services facilitate predictable flow assurance during production. Increase your possibility for prolonged shutdown periods. «Rush-to-repair» or planned maintanance without the risk of hydrate formation and wax clogging.


DOW Solid Silicone science for high operating temperature or «arctic low storage» DOW hyperlast Polyurethane for medium operating temperature.



<160°C Operating temp

Wet Application – Solid Silicone XTI-1003

• SI-O bond enabling Long term flexibility and UV resistance
• Resistant to Hydrostatic crush
• Cures at room temperature
• No exotherm nor shrinkage during cure
• Low temp cure
• Heat acceleration on demand
• Re-defines Wet Application as you know it
• < 3weeks lead time in Scandinavia
• < 3% waste

Halfshell – Solid Silicone XTI-1003

• Simple site modification of shell
• Supreme wetability
• < 3weeks lead time in Scandinavia
• Low mouldcost

Arctic Conditions

• Remains flexible at Joule – Thomson Effect
• Remains flexible at Arctic Storage
• Resists shock from arctic storage to subsea deployment

Please download our PDF file for DOW CORNING XTI-1003 or read our online flyer

Online flyer



<80°C Operating temp

Wet Application – Solid Silicone XTI-1003

• Low thermal conductivity
• High impact resistance
• Easy processing
• Rapid cycle times
• Extensive Track Record

Wet Application – DOW Solid PU

• High flexibility
• High impact resistant
• High wear resistance
• Rapid cycle times
• Extensive Track Record

Halfshell – Syntactic or Solid DOW HYPERLAST PU

• Short leadtimes
• Extensive Track Record
• Easy processing

Please download our PDF file for HYPERLAST or read our online flyer

Online flyer


What are the advantages of XTI-1003 over other materials on the market.2018-05-29T13:08:21+02:00

XTI-1003 being a solid silicone means that it is less prone to degradation in bulk compared to

What are maximum and minimum thicknesses that can be applied2018-05-29T13:09:04+02:00

There are no maximum thicknesses. Minimum wet applied is 1cm. Below we will use precasted sheets.

What kind of Structures/equipment is the XTI-1003 suitable for?2018-05-29T13:09:08+02:00

PLET, PLEM, FLET, XT, Manifold, VCCS, HCCS Jumper, Flowline, MPFM, Compressor

Can External equipment be mounted on/around the XTI-1003?2018-05-29T13:09:52+02:00

Yes, contact us for specific request

What is the temperature range of the XTI-10032018-05-29T13:09:59+02:00

The temperature range is from -68 to 155°C

Do you perform pull-off tests on site?2018-05-29T13:10:06+02:00

Yes, please contact us for details

What are the lead times on moulds?2018-05-29T13:10:13+02:00

Moulds are generated in-house or on site on demand. The lead time stretches from 1 day to 4 days pending complexity

Are there any limitations to what kind of geometry you can wet-apply to?2018-05-29T13:10:21+02:00

There are no restrictions in terms of geometry or size. Our mould technique and foregiving materials enable us to wet – apply all shapes and sizes maintaining the advantage wet application has over pre-casted insulation

We need to achieve a specific U-Value, can you calculate the thickness for us?2018-05-29T13:10:28+02:00

Yes, we are able to calculate the thickness required to achieve your U-Value

Do you operate outside Norway?2018-05-29T13:10:35+02:00

Yes, we operate globally utilizing our mobile units including a mouldmaking shop

Does your insulation meet the requirements of the API 17N TRL level 7?2018-05-29T13:10:43+02:00

Yes, please contact us for details

Does your insulation conform to the ISO 12736:2014?2018-05-29T13:10:50+02:00

Yes, please contact us for the qualification dossier


Roboze production series provide the users with an AM-machine suitable for industrial use

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