Roboze webinar – ToolingX CF

Super-polymers and composites for Additive Manufacturing: insights into Roboze ToolingX CF


Introduced to the market with the Roboze PRO series, ToolingX CF is a carbon-fiber filled material (PPS + CF) that offers light weight, chemical resistance and high mechanical strength.
ToolingX CF is a stiff 3D printing material and is the ideal choice when chemical and mechanical resistance is required at a lower raw material cost than super polymers.

After less than a year from its market launch, we decided to dedicate a webinar to this special material, which is chosen by Roboze customers not only for functional prototyping, but also for production of strategic finished parts for an optimised, cost-effective and fast workflow.
The in-depth webinar on ToolingX CF will offer:

• Introduction and overview of the Roboze composite material;

• Main characteristics of the material;

• Application opportunities and case studies from the Roboze world.

The 30-minute event will be broadcast live and will end with a Q&A section directly with the event speaker: Davide Schiena, Roboze Head of Application Engineering & Customer Success.

Register now and discover how you too can innovate your production with Roboze 3D printing solutions and cut costs and time by more than 60%.

Thu, Feb 16, 2023 · 5:00 PM Rome (GMT +1:00)