The future of additive manufacturing in aeronautics takes off at the International Paris Air Show thanks to the new industrial partnership between Magnaghi Aeronautica and Roboze. Reduction of weights and emissions and certification of the production process using Roboze 3D printing technology are the pillars of the agreement.

Paris, FR – 20th June, 2023

The future of aeronautics and additive manufacturing at the International Paris Air Show: New MOU signed between Magnaghi Aeronautica Group, global leader in landing systems and composite wing and moveable control surfaces and Roboze, global leader in 3D printing technology for advanced super polymers and composites.
In the aviation industry, additive manufacturing has opened up new possibilities and revolutionized several aspects of the design and production of low-weight, complex aircraft components without compromising structural capability and safety. Until now, however, polymers 3D printing applications have been exclusively for interiors. Roboze and Magnaghi have been collaborating for some time to change this paradigm with the goal of soon entering the production for class 3 and 2 landing gear components while standardizing the manufacturing and qualification approach of the 3D printing technology.
Magnaghi vision has always been centered on innovation and the development of cutting-edge design and production methods.

“We are extremely excited about the partnership with Roboze – says Paolo Graziano CEO of MAGROUP. “Magnaghi offers their historical knowledge and competence in aeronautics combined with the continuous search for innovative technological opportunities for our products to offer to our customers around the world. With Roboze competence in 3D printing technology and materials science, we are convinced that together we will give a strong acceleration to the adoption of additive manufacturing in the aeronautical sector.”

Alessio Lorusso, CEO & Founder of Roboze, says: “In Magnaghi we find a partner who can make a difference for the future of 3D printing in the aeronautical sector. Its historical specialization will allow us to be faster and more targeted in the validation of new applications and in the development of innovative materials useful for expanding the advantages of additive manufacturing in Europe and worldwide.”

Roboze develops, produces and sells innovative 3D printing solutions, with the aim of helping manufacturing companies around the world to digitize their production processes, replacing obsolete production methods, producing super polymer components just in time and on demand.

Thanks to a constant investment in research and development in the field of materials engineering, new technologies and industrial services, in a few years Roboze has grown, with professionalism and competence, coming to challenge the most important solution design companies of 3D printing worldwide, becoming a leader in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Defense sectors.

With offices in Europe and the United States, today Roboze represents a key partner for speeding up production deployment and scalability by offering the ability to manufacture the exact number of parts needed locally in a flexible way ensuring production continuity even when demand changes unexpectedly.

Magnaghi Aeronautica of MAGROUP develops complete landing systems and advanced aerodynamic flight control surfaces starting from conceptual design and architectures definition, through detailed design and analysis phases. System Engineering and Complex Integration approaches allow Magnaghi Aeronautica to being able to design, produce, and certify complete landing systems and wings. An exceptional partner in the development of tailor-made projects for small and large military and civil fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

With the international footprint of the Group, Magnaghi Aeronautica has increased their capability and capacity while staying close to their Customers in the World and being able to provide customized solutions to satisfy worldwide clients demand.

A new Center of Excellence for Research and Innovation Technology activities is being implemented at the historical Napoli site of Magnaghi Aeronautica. An Academy for design, simulation and testing of aeronautical equipment, systems, and advanced aerostructures to consolidate the MAGROUP competencies in developing innovative technology for the future aircraft needs. MAGROUP, Customers, Partners, University and Research Centers Engineers will have the opportunity to participate to future innovative aeronautical projects with the possibility to design, and test complete Landing Systems and advanced aerodynamic surfaces and for fixed and rotating future aircraft.

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