Stoma Care - What is a stoma?

Stoma (greek for „opening“) describes a surgically added body opening. Depending on the disease the stoma is located on different parts of the intestinal tract. Ileostoma are stoma located on the small intestine while colostoma are located on the large intestine

What is the function?

As introduced, colo- or ileostoma are installed to temporary aid healing of diseased intestine parts or serve as permanent artificial anus. Thus, the stoma-patch must ensure three crucial functions: absorbing leaking fluids from the intestine, secure attachment and maintain good health of the surrounding skin to avoid maceration. Consequently, stoma base plates are formulated as follows:

Biesterfeld offers different materials for ostomy patches: 

Liveo™ silicone-based skin-adhesives: 

  • high gas and moisture permeability 
  •  non-sensitizing, non-irritating 
  • enable strong and reliable skin-adhesion 


Cekol (CMC- carboxymethylcellulose): 

  • works as thickening binder 
  • offers stability 
  • water retaining capacity 
  • swells at a very fast rate to aid adhesion 


Please see our Spotlight on Stoma Care abow for further information and don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any questions. 

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