Joachim Waagaard is back

Gearing up towards 2022 the team wanted to give the car and the driver a real shakedown to see how well we are stacking up against the rest.

Although he hasn’t driven the BMW M4 since 2019, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes.
We have tried to focus on our weaknesses and worked to improve them with a combination of Sim drifting, Ice drifting and mental strength.

Using this Gatebil event as a shakedown was a good way of finding our pace, which right at the first lap of practice turned out to be on point.
Unfortunately we had some engine issues leading up to this event, ment we didn’t want to take any further chances and aimed right for qualifying

Our team was the same as in 2018 and 2019 Team ZF/ Sørby with currently 3rd place as our best result so far.
We went out and qualified P1 on both of our runs with a 91,67 as our best score giving us a 6,34 point lead over the team in P2. 12 out of the 22 teams entered, was through to the final making it a total of 66 drivers.

Winning the qualifying gave us the confidence to continue in the same rhythm leading into our top 12 battle and we did just that by another P1 sending us through to the top 6 battle. In our top 6 battle we kept our lead and advanced into the top 3 Final!
In the Final we were even closer than before, but sadly we were beaten by only 0,66(zero point sixty six) points behind the winning team. Given this was only supposed to be a shakedown, our team is very happy with a P2 in the Super 3 final.

We are more than thrilled with the result and can’t be anything but happy with the weekend we just had. Now we know what to improve if this M4 will be the weapon of choice for 2022, only time will tell.
Thanks to everyone involved and to the partners that have been by our side through covid, can’t wait for next year!

This is what Joachim had to say after the Final:
“With the team and I being away from competitive drifting for almost two years, this second place felt like a victory. This really gave our team a motivational boost for 2022 where we finally will be back competing around in Europe against the best drivers in the world, I really can’t wait for that!”

In the first free practice session on Saturday, one of the cylinder heads unfortunately gave up on us. We tried our best to fix it and got the car back up running for the Gatebil Powerslide competition, but the damage was too severe and the car ended up running on only 5 of the 8 cylinders available so the team decided to call it a day before it became even worse. Although this happened, we came there to compete in the super 3 competition and our only goal was to make sure both driver and car were fit for next season.

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